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We write to all concerned regarding our members who are participating in the Lawful Strike Action at Willowton Logistics, a company based in Pietermaritzburg, transporting Good to various other Companies within the Borders of our Country.

DEMANDS OF OUR MEMBERS: Our members are simply demanding Willowton Logistics to recognise their Union and Recognise Constitutionally Enshrined Right to allow workers to belong to the Trade Union. The company management intransigently refused to negotiate with the Trade Union representing workers for a mere Recognition and for workers to Bargain Collectively.

Workers demands to belong to a Trade Union has being on the table from last year, until the CCMA issued a certificate allowing our members to press ahead with their action.

We intend to mobilise all our members and are Truck Drivers to isolate scab-Labourers that are deployed by the company to take JOBS of the striking workers.

SUPPORT: The Company is trying all tricks to undermine a Peaceful and Lawful strike of workers, thanks to SAPS presence who constantly monitoring the situation.

We call on all workers, suppliers and customers of Willowton Logistics to take a stand and condemn the backwardness of the company and support the legitimate struggle of the workers for a mere Right to belong to a Union by refusing to handle Goods transported by scab-Labourers deployed by management.

We further call upon all respectable Companies, Spots Association and Government and Quasi Government Bodies that have association with the Company to support workers struggle and refuse their names to be associated with this backwardness demonstrated by this company!

We urge the Labour Federations and Political Parties in and around areas where action is taking place to offer any support in a speedy resolution of an impasse mentioned above.

Your cooperation and Support will be highly appreciated.